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Orley Ashenfelter





Orley Ashenfelter is the Joseph Douglas Green 1895 Professor of Economics at Princeton University. Professor Ashenfelter has testified in cases involving a number of industries, including electronic books; hospitals; polyurethane foam; animation workers; airlines; and office supply superstores.    

Henry Farber



Henry Farber is the Hughes-Rogers Professor of Economics at Princeton University.  Professor Farber has testified in a wide range of discrimination and other labor cases, in settings including healthcare, higher education, financial services providers, and transportation workers.

Ruth Gilgenbach


Ruth Gilgenbach has worked on a range of topics, including: antitrust, discrimination, anti-dumping.  Prior to joining Ashenfelter & Ashmore, Dr. Gilgenbach was an Economist at the Texas Attorney General's Antitrust Division.  In addition to her work at A&A, she also teaches Law & Economics at Rutgers University.

Maria Kozhevnikova


Maria Kozhevnikova has nearly a decade in litigation consulting experience in a variety of areas, including discrimination, antitrust and other topics.  Prior to joining Ashenfelter & Ashmore, Dr. Kozhevnikova taught in the Economics Department at Queens College, CUNY.

Mike LeFors

Senior Economist

Mike LeFors is an econometrician with experience in transportation economics, urban economics and applied econometrics.  Prior to joining Ashenfelter & Ashmore, Dr. LeFors taught in the Economics Department at Truman State University.

Griffin Wood

Data Scientist

Griffin Wood is a graduate of Rutgers University, New Brunswick. He has extensive knowledge of statistical software packages and several programming languages.

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