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Orley Ashenfelter





Orley Ashenfelter is the Joseph Douglas Green 1895 Professor of Economics at Princeton University. Professor Ashenfelter has testified in cases involving a number of industries, including electronic books; hospitals; polyurethane foam; animation workers; airlines; and office supply superstores.    

Ruth Gilgenbach


Ruth Gilgenbach has worked on a range of topics, including: antitrust, discrimination, anti-dumping.  Prior to joining Ashenfelter & Ashmore, Dr. Gilgenbach was an Economist at the Texas Attorney General's Antitrust Division.  In addition to her work at A&A, she also teaches Law & Economics at Rutgers University.

Mike LeFors

Senior Economist

Mike LeFors is an econometrician with experience in transportation economics, urban economics and applied econometrics.  Prior to joining Ashenfelter & Ashmore, Dr. LeFors taught in the Economics Department at Truman State University.

Henry Farber



Henry Farber is the Hughes-Rogers Professor of Economics at Princeton University.  Professor Farber has testified in a wide range of discrimination and other labor cases, in settings including healthcare, higher education, financial services providers, and transportation workers.

Maria Kozhevnikova


Maria Kozhevnikova has nearly a decade in litigation consulting experience in a variety of areas, including discrimination, antitrust and other topics.  Prior to joining Ashenfelter & Ashmore, Dr. Kozhevnikova taught in the Economics Department at Queens College, CUNY.

Griffin Wood

Data Scientist

Griffin Wood is a graduate of Rutgers University, New Brunswick. He has extensive knowledge of statistical software packages and several programming languages.

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